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RANGER STATION Santalum Candle

€ 45,00

With a charmingly woodsy aroma, enjoy Ranger Station's take on a classic sandalwood-focused scent.
Notes of sawdust, timber, and clove give a unique depth to the fragrance that evokes the serene enchantment of a walk through the forests of the Redwood National Parks.
The dry, aromatic freshness of papyrus, palo santo, and amyris work in harmony with the spice of cardamom and amber.

TOP: Ambergris, Papyrus, Cedar
MIDDLE : Amyris, Clove, Cardamom
BASE : Amber Resin, Musk, Sandalwood

8 oz. premium soy wax blend
Hand-poured with honest ingredients & sustainably packaged in Nashville, TN
40 hour burn time… or more

Each candle comes with matches, and a perfectly paired cocktail recipe to enjoy once the candle is burned through.

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