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The Silk Care Guide

The Silk Care Guide

Silk is a luxurious but delicate fabric that requires proper care.
But don’t let its sensitive nature scare you. With our guidance, caring for your silk garments will become child’s play!

First things first, check the fabric care label. ‘Dry Clean’, is a recommendation but it’s safe to wash it gently at home. If the label says ‘Dry Clean Only’, believe it, bring that precious baby to a professional.

Hand-Washing Silk

1. Wash silk garments in cold water and just a few drops of gentle detergent. Soak for 3 minutes before carefully plunging the item up and down in the water.
2. Rinse the garment under clean, cold water.
3. Do not wring the fabric! Absorb excess water by laying out the item on a towel and rolling it.
4. Air-dry out of direct sunlight.

Machine-Washing Silk

1. Turn the garment inside out and place it in a mesh bag.
2. Never wash silk with heavy pieces, like denim, to avoid damage.
3. Only use detergents specifically formulated for delicate clothing.
4. Choose the, surprise surprise, delicate cycle! Cold water, low spin!
5. Remove the garment as soon as the wash cycle is done, remove excess water with a towel and air-dry out of the sun. Never ever ever tumble dry silk! 

Ironing Silk

1. Avoid extremely high temperatures - they will burn the fibers!
2. Steam your silk items with caution or hang them in the bathroom while taking a hot shower for a silky smooth result ;-).
3. If you choose to iron, turn the item inside out when it’s still slightly damp and iron on the lowest heat. Don’t iron from side to side but grab a pressing cloth and press down the iron for a couple of seconds at a time.


Treating Stains

1. Do not use a commercial stain remover. Pretreat stains by gently dabbing delicate washing detergent on the stain. Leave on for at least 15 minutes before washing.
2. Handle fresh stains by blotting them with a clean, damp cloth.
3. Temperatures are rising and we all sweat. Remove perspiration stains by gently rubbing a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water onto the stain, rinse and air-dry! 


Storing Silk

1. Avoid folding. Hang silk garments in a breathable bag in a cool, dark and dry closet.
2. Silk attracts moths. Use a small amount of lavender, ceder balls or another natural moth repellent.

Et voilà, the recipe for keeping your silk garments as beautiful and radiant as you! 



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