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The Denim Care Guide

The Denim Care Guide

Denim, a true wardrobe staple and an all-time favourite amongst
our customers and yours truly!

A good pair of jeans is timeless and when cared for correctly, it can be passed on from generation to generation. To help you do so, we’re sharing our 10 best tips and tricks with you!

Wash as little as possible. Wear your jeans until they are too saggy and need to shrink back down to their original size. Once every 10 wears is plenty!

Wash out stains with a damp cloth or mild spot cleaner.

Air or steam denim in between washes to prevent odours and get rid of bacteria.

Wash cold, 30 °C max, to protect the colour and lower the risk of shrinking. Bonus: cold water saves energy, making it a whole lot friendlier for both our planet and your wallet! Win-win!

Wash denim inside out to protect the fabric and prevent fading.

Use mild detergents and no fabric softener!

Add 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar the first time you wash dark denim to set and maintain the dark dye.

Air dry. Dryers are denim’s worst enemy. Lay your jeans to dry on a flat surface or line dry them inside out in a shady place.

Avoid ironing. The extreme heat causes damage to the fibres.

Jeans keep their shape best when folded so save your hangers!

Follow these 10 guidelines and your (future) granddaughter will be thanking you for the perfect pair of vintage jeans ;-) 
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