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Baby Beluga - 03 / Dec / 2020



Since it's hard to believe in good luck these days, here's a story of a Greek tradition. It's about a special gift: a good luck charm or so called 'Gouri' that people buy for themselves or give to others at the end of every year in order to bring a certain vibe to the New Year. Like wishing for a fresh start, show some love or re-assure that everything will work out just fine...

So... Here's the question: what on Earth should a 2021 good luck charm look like?

Leave it to Katherina Psoma to come up with one solid advice:

'Delete all shit!' - an optimistic message about remembering and reconsidering what is really important and what is not on our path of life.

Looking like your Grandma's charm, this mood booster medaillon surely will add a sparkle!


- BB